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Horeb's Corners Support Information
Bibliography of Other Narrow Street Support Resources

Design Safety | Width/Safety Relationship | Bullet Point Sheet | Support Resources


Source Author Date
Street Design Should be Based on Overall Safety, Not Opinion Peter Frautschi NA

Residential Street Typology and Injury Accident Frequency

Swift and Associates 31-Mar-98

Designing Streets: Weighing Community and Mobility

Groundwork P. Neary Summer-98

One in Four Admits to Driving Dangerously

Wisconsin State Journal G. Johnson 1-Jul-98

Great Streets

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MIT Press Allan B. Jacobs 1993

Traditional Neighborhood Development: Street Design Guidelines

Institute of Transportation Engineers Institute of Transportation Engineers 1999

New Urbanism: Comprehensive Report & Best Practices Guide

New Urban Publications, Inc. New Urban News 2001

Residential Streets: Third Edition

Urban Land Institute ULI, NAHB, ASCE and ITE 2001

Residential Streets: Second Edition

Urban Land Institute ULI, NAHB, ASCE and ITE 1990

15 Ways to Fix the Suburbs

Newsweek 15-May-95

Framing the Debate on Streets and Public Safety

New Urban News John Anderson Jul/Aug-00

Narrow Residential Streets: Do They Really Slow Traffic Speeds?

James M. Daisa, P.E. and John B. Peers NA

The New Urbanism: Toward an Architecture of Community

Peter Katz 1994
Suburban Nation: The Rise of Sprawl and the Decline of the American Dream

Andres Duany, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, and Jeff Speck


New Urbanisms Ace In the Hole

New Urban News Mar/Apr-98
Street Design Guidelines for Walkable Neighborhoods

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New Urban News

Dan Burden Jul/Aug-99

Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets: 2001

American Association of State Highways Transportation Officials AASHTO 2001

Smart Development Code Handbook

Oregon Department of Transportation Oregon Department of Transportation

Narrow Streets Database

www.sonic.net/abcaia/narrow.htm Alan B. Cohen, AIA (CNU) 1-Jun-00


Transect Codeware Company DPZ 5-Sep-01
New Urbanism: Comprehehnsive Report and Best Practices Guide New Urban News

New Urban News, et al.

City of Burnsville Comprehensive Plan www.burnsville.org/government/
City of Burnsville Planning Department NA

City of Columbus Comprehensive Plan

Cith of Columbus Planning and Development NA

Larimer County Road Manual

www.co.larimer.co.us Larimer County Engineering Department 1-Jan-00
Designing Safe Streets and Neighborhoods

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Local Government Commission Center for Livable Communities

Project New Town, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin Project New Town Plan

Vandewalle & Associates


A Model Ordinance for Traditional Neighborhood Development

State of Wisconsin Brian Ohm, et al.

Example Municipalities that Have Implemented Narrow Street Ordinances




Phoenix 28' parking both sides


Santa Rosa 26'-28' Parking one side
20' no parking


28' parking both sides

San Jose

30' parking both sides


24' parking both sides


Boulder 30' parking both sides

Ft. Collins

30' parking both sides

Larimer County

28' parking both sides


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Delaware DOT 21' parking one side
22'-29' parking both sides


Orlando 22' parking both sides


18' two-way traffic no parking
17' one-way traffic parking both sides
24' two-way traffic parking both sides
7' parking one-side
34' parking both sides


Portland 24' parking one side


Howard County 24' parking unregulated

Charles County

24' parking unregulated


Birmingham 26' parking both sides

20' parking one side

Montana Helena 33' parking both sides and traffic calming


26' parking both sides

New Mexico

Albuquerque 28' parking one side
27' parking one side, roll curb

North Carolina

North Carolina DOT 18' parking both sides


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Columbus 26' parking both sides
22' parking one side


Eugene 20' no parking
21' parking one side
28' parking both sides

Forest Grove

28' parking both sides
24' parking one side

Gresham City

20' no parking


26' parking both sides


26' parking both sides
20' parking one side

Washington County

20'-24' parking both sides


28' parking both sides
Tigard 32' parking both sides


32' parking both sides

Hillsboro 28'-30' parking both sides


Johnson City 22' parking unregulated


Burlington 30' parking both sides


Kirland 20' parking one side
24' parking both sides

West Virginia

Morgantown 22' parking one side


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Beloit 22' parking one side
10' travel lanes
14' two-way 'queuing' lane

27' parking both sides

Madison (Midtown Commons)

32' parking both sides
Middleton 28' parking both sides
Milwaukee 24' parking both sides
22' parking one side

Sun Prairie

28' parking one side
19' one-way traffic parking one side
8' parking lane
33' parking both sides

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