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Horeb's Corners Support Information
Bibliography of Other New Urbanism/TND Support Resources

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Source Author Date
Street Design Should be Based on Overall, Safety, Not Opinion Peter Frautschi NA

General Development Plan

CBD, Inc. 1999

Staff Responses To GDP

City of Madison Staff 1999

Service Lanes (Alleys) and Their Role in Traditional Neighborhoods

Tim Dienger 1999

Midtown's New Urbanism: Southwest Side Project Seeks to Restore 'Real' Community

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Capitol Times Mike Ivey 5-Aug-99
Alley Fight Pits City Again New Urbanists Capitol Times Mike Ivey 19-Oct-99

Approval Expected for Midtown Commons

Business First D. Kades 23-Oct-00

New Urbanist Plan Proposed

Business First M. Crawford 4-Jan-00

General Development Plan

CBD, Inc. 2001

Residents Discuss Vision for East Corridor Development in Village

Mount Horeb Mail Millicent Dachman 8-Mar-01

Business Park Subcommittee Made a Standing Committee

Mount Horeb Mail Judy Brick 12-Apr-01

New Village President Looks to the Future

Mount Horeb Mail Judy Brick 12-Apr-01

Village's East Corridor Could Be a Model for Future Development

Mount Horeb Mail Judy Brick 28-Jun-01

Many Questions Raised by Upcoming East Corridor Development

Mount Horeb Mail John Stowe 12-Jul-01
Village Wins 'Great Neighborhood' Planning Grant

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Mount Horeb Mail Judy Brick 9-Aug-01
Frautschi Touts New Urbanism Development Capitol Times Rob Zaleski 7-Nov-01

Residents Give Their Views on Planning for Village's Future

Mount Horeb Mail Judy Brick 8-Nov-01

Village Asked to Consider Purchasing Planned Business Park

Mount Horeb Mail Dianne Hermann 22-Nov-01

Village Will Seek Expertise to Help Deal with East Corridor Development Issues

Mount Horeb Mail Judy Brick 13-Dec-01

Should Village Buy East Corridor Business Park?

Mount Horeb Mail Judy Brick 10-Jan-02
Engineers Response to GDP Gregory Held Feb-02

CBD, Inc. Response to Engineers Comments

CBD, Inc. Feb-02

Village Begins to Organize Components of East Corridor Development Projects

Mount Horeb Mail Judy Brick 7-Feb-02

East Corridor Development Would Affect School District

Mount Horeb Mail Judy Brick 7-Feb-02

Frautschi Rescinds Business Park Offer to Village

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Mount Horeb Mail Judy Brick 14-Feb-02

Non-Project Related Articles

Article Source Author Date
Sprawl Cities www.ecocompass.com Eco-Compass
Valuing the New Urbanism Urban Land Institute
What is Traditional Neighborhood Design? Peter Frautschi NA
The Historical Roots of Sprawl Center of Excellence for Sustainable J. Smyth NA
Urban Sprawl www.solstice.org Solstice NA
A Good Place to Live The Atlantic Monthly P. Langdon Mar-88
Erdman Explains Unique Neighborhood Plan Middleton Times-Tribune D. Jacobson 28-Oct-93
Alternative to Sprawl Lincoln Institute of Land Policy 1-Jan-95
Bye-Bye Suburban Dream Newsweek J. Adler 15-May-95
15 Ways to Fix the Suburbs Newsweek 15-May-95
Beyond Sprawl: New Patterns of Growth to Fit the New California

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California Resources Agency 17-Jun-95
The End of the Road Isthmus K. Soucie 29-Sep-95
Striking Back at Sprawl Historic Preservation A. Berke Sep/Oct-95
Sprawl Historic Preservation Sep/Oct-95
Home Prices Soar in Unexpected Places The Wall Street Journal J. Simmons 13-Feb-96
The Aging Shopping Mall Must Either Adapt or Die Wisconsin State Journal M. Pacelle 16-Apr-96
Neighborhoods Reborn Consumer Reports May-96
Urbanism, New or Old? The Charlotte Observer M. Newsom 18-May-96
Can New Urbanism Find Room for the Old? The New York Times H. Muschamp 2-Jun-96
New Urbanist' Charter Returns to Old-Fashioned Architectural Ideals The Washigton Post R. K. Lewis 15-Jun-96
New Urbanism: Helping to Shape the Inner City The New York Times P. Katz 23-Jun-96
Principles for Designing and Planning Homeownership Zones

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U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Jul-96
Front Porch Fosters Neighborly Charm: Trend Boston Sunday Globe T. Cassidy 18-Aug-96
Looking Back to the Future: Using the Principles of New Urbanism to Rebuild Communities Hop VI Development U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Aug/Sep-96
Toppling Towers Newsweek J. Adler & M. Molone 4-Nov-96
Urban Sprawl Strains Western States The New York Times T. Egan 29-Dec-96
A Cure for the Common Suburb: New Urbanism Takes Hold Northern Colorado Business Report H. Taylor 1997
The New American Neighborhood Better Homes and Gardens W. L. Nolan Sep-97
Residential Street Sypology and Injury Accident Frequency Swift and Associates 31-Mar-98
New Hope for Failed Housing Preservation Dean A. Oppenheimer Mar/Apr-98
Welcome to These New Hometowns Midwest Living S. Slack 1-Apr-98
Designing Streets: Weighing Community and Mobility

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Groundwork P. Neary Summer-98
One in Four Admits to Driving Dangerously Wisconsin State Journal G. Johnson 1-Jul-98
Taming the Suburban Wasteland On Wisconsin M. Penn Winter-98
2040, Getting There: Alternatives to Sprawl in Southeastern Wisconsin Citizens for a Better Environment 1-Feb-99
New Urbanism Can't Be Romantic On Wisconsin H. Newberger Picus Spring-99
Can We Retrofit Suburbia? Landscape Architecture J. W. Thompson 1-Jul-99
Livable Communities American Institution of Architects Jul-99
Saving Suburbia Time T. Padgett 16-Aug-99
Sprawl Hemishperes C. Lockwood 1-Sep-99
New Towns--Middleton Hills, WI The Town Paper Sep/Oct-99
New Urbanist Communities Offer Higher Home Values The Town Paper Sep/Oct-99
Single Family Production

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Builder 1-Oct-99
Live Work Revisited The Town Paper Nov/Dec-99
Proposed Development Reflects 'New Urbanism' Could Unites Communities Wisconsin State Journal M. Balousek 2000
The Beginning and the End of Sprawl Urban Land C. Leinberger 1-Jan-00
Putting the Brakes on Suburban Sprawl U.S. News and World Report J. Tolson 20-Mar-00
Suburban on the Green Preservation A. Freeman Sept/Oct-00
Up Against the Sprawl Isthmus B. Lavendel 17-Nov-00
Martha Stewart vs. Studs Terkel?: New Urbanism and Inner City Neighborhoods That Work Places M. Pyatok Winter-00
Trying to Create Urban Chic From Scratch Wisconsin State Journal Dean Mosiman 6-Jan-02

New Urban Newsletters 1996 - 2002

Title Date
New Urban News

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New Urban News Nov/Dec-96
New Urban News Jan/Feb-97
New Urban News Mar/Apr-97
New Urban News May/June-97
New Urban News July/Aug-97
New Urban News Sep/Oct-97
New Urban News Nov/Dec-97
New Urban News Jan/Feb-98
New Urban News Mar/Apr-98
New Urban News May/June-98
New Urban News July/Aug-98
New Urban News Sep/Oct-98
New Urban News

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New Urban News Jan/Feb-99
New Urban News May/June-99
New Urban News July/Aug-99
New Urban News Sep/Oct-99
New Urban News Nov/Dec-99
New Urban News Jan/Feb-00
New Urban News Mar/Apr-00
New Urban News July/Aug-00
New Urban News Sep-00
New Urban News Oct/Nov-00
New Urban News Dec-00
New Urban News Apr/May-01
New Urban News Sep-01
New Urban News

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New Urban News Dec-01
New Urban News Jan/Feb-02
GrowthNoGrowth May-01
GrowthNoGrowth Aug-01
GrowthNoGrowth Sep-01
GrowthNoGrowth Oct-01
GrowthNoGrowth Dec-01
New Urban Post Oct-01

The Town Paper

The Town Paper Feb/Mar-01
The Town Paper Apr/May-01
The Town Paper June/July-01
The Town Paper Oct/Nov-01
The Town Paper

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Title Source Author Date

The Death and Life of Great Amercian Cities

Random House, Inc. Jane Jacobs


History of Urban Form John Wiley & Sons Inc. A. E. J. Morris 1979
Houses, Places, Cities St. Martin's Press Leon Krier 1984
A New Theory of Urban Design Oxford University Press Alexamder, Neis, Anninou and 1987
Collaborative Communities Van Nostrand Reinhold Dorit Fromm 1991

Towns and Town-Making Principles

Rizzoli Andres Duany and Elizabeth


Great Streets MIT Press Allan B. Jacobs 1993
The Next American Metropolis Princeton Architectural Press Peter Calthorpe 1993
A Better Place to Live University of Massachusetts Press Philip Langdon 1994
The New Urbanism: Toward an Architecture of Community McGraw-Hill, Inc. Peter Katz 1994
Traditional Neighborhood Development: Street Design Guidelines

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Institute of Transportation Engineers Institute of Transportation Engineers 1997
TND Series: Volume I Homestyles Publishing and Marketing, Inc. Town Planning Collaborative 1997
TND Series: Volume II Homestyles Publishing and Marketing, Inc. Town Planning Collaborative 1997
TND Series: Volume III Homestyles Publishing and Marketing, Inc. Town Planning Collaborative 1998
The Wealth of Cities Addison-Wesley John Norquist 1998
The Lexicon of the New Urbanism Congress for the New Urbanism Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company 1999
New Urbanism / Neotraditional Planning Urban Land Institute Urban Land Institute 1999
The Rise of the City Ohio State University Press Arthur Meier Schlesinger 1999

Traditional Neighborhood Development: Street Design Guidelines

Institute of Transportation Engineers

Institute of Transportation Engineers

Charter for the New Urbanism McGraw-Hill, Inc. Congress for the New Urbanism 2000
Suburban Nation: The Rise of Sprawl and the Decline of the American Dream

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North Point Press Andres Duany, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk and Jeff Speck 2000
Community By Design McGraw-Hill, Inc. Kenneth Hall and Gerald Porterfield 2001
New Urbanism: Comprehensive Report & Best Practices Guide New Urban Publications, Inc. New Urban News 2001
The Regional City Island Press Peter Calthorpe and W. Fulton 2001
Residential Streets: Third Edition Urban Land Institute ULI, NAHB, ASCE and ITE 2001

Successful Infill Development


Northeast Midwest Insititute and CNU


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