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Horeb's Corners General Development Plan
Urban Standards

Single Family Rear | Single Family Front | Twin Home | Rowhouse | Mainstreet | Corporate
* click on the images below to view a larger image and more information on each item

Coverletter | Exec. Summary | T.O.C. | Conferences | Letter of Intent | Accurate Map | Tab D (zoning, labeled dev. plan, street info.) | Various Maps | Utlility Feasibility | Tab G (labeled dev. plan, % breakdown, expected staging) | Economic Feasiblity | Urban Stds. | Thoroughfare Stds. | Landscape | General Outline | Appendices

thumbnail single family rear loaded Single Family - Rear Loaded
thumbnail single family front loaded Single Family - Front Loaded
thumbnail twin home

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Twin Home
thumbnail rowhouse rear loaded

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Rowhouse - Rear Loaded
thumbnail mainstreet commercial

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Mainstreet Commercial

thumbnail corporate park

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Corporate Park
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