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Zoning Text: General Development Plan-8/22/02
Project Name: Horeb’s Corners (Village of Mount Horeb, Wisconsin)

Legal Description: The lands subject to this Planned Development District shall include those described in Tab C of the General Development Plan dated December 5, 2001 which includes this zoning text.

A. Statement of Purpose: This zoning district is established to allow for the construction of a mixed-use neighborhood. The district is intended to provide a diversity of housing alternatives and neighborhood civic, recreational and commercial uses, and a corporate park in a cohesive, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood. The zoning restrictions of the GDP will be based on the “conceptual plan” (submitted herein) which will include the following zoning tools, both graphic and written, which will be altered and refined in the Specific Implementation Plan (S.I.P.):
  • The concept plan (Tab D) will show the layout of roads, blocks, and lots/parcels. More specific details of the contents will be provided in the S.I.P.
  • The Urban Standards Diagrams (Tab I) illustrate permitted uses, building placement, setback requirements, encroachment, yard size requirements, and parking requirements.
  • Thoroughfare Standards will be found in the General Development Plan (Tab J) and shall include street layout and dimensions of travel lanes, parking, sidewalks, and street trees for each street type. These standards will also be refined for the S.I.P. and the final plat.
  • Landscaping Standards have been included (Tab K) but will likely be revised in the S.I.P.
B. Permitted Uses:

*Please refer to the corresponding land use map found in TAB E and the Definitions and List of Permitted Uses found in TAB I for more information.

The GDP conceptual plan shows a building or buildings intended for Traditional Commercial/Industrial or Mixed-Use Commercial use on the first floor and residential, retail and/or office units on the second and possibly a third floor on the following lots: 1 (204,179SF), 2 (206,766SF), and 3 (155,631SF).

The GDP conceptual plan shows a single family, front-loaded home (average 2.5 bedroom/unit) on the following lots: 66-74, 76-78, 82-95, and 98-117.

The GDP conceptual plan shows a single family, rear-loaded home (average 2.5 bedroom/unit) on the following lots: 12-57, 119, 120, 122-124, 129-140, and 142-160.

The GDP conceptual plan shows a twin home building (average 2 bedroom/unit) comprised of 2 units on the following lots: 75, 79, 96, 97, 118, and 121.

The GDP conceptual plan shows rowhouse units (average 1.5 bedroom/unit) on the following lots: 11 (18 Units) and 61 (12 Units).

The GDP conceptual plan shows mansion home units (average 1.5 bedroom/unit) on the following lots: 58-60.

The GDP conceptual plan shows a lot that is an existing automobile dealership: 5 (existing site of Symdon Motors) (467,265SF).

The GDP conceptual plan shows land designated for Corporate Park--Industrial use on the following lots: 4 (1,040,748SF), 6 (48,016SF), 7 (172,832SF), 8 (192,990SF) and 9 (140,750SF).

The GDP conceptual plan shows land designated for Civic use such as a church, post office or some other public amenity: 18 (87,294SF) and 63 (51,536SF).

The GDP conceptual plan shows land designated as Open Space on the following lots: 10 (56,590SF), 62 (designed as a Village Green) (51,023SF), 80 (683,444SF), 81 (301,500SF), 141 (24,256SF), 161 (8,970SF), and 162 (62,937SF).

*The GDP conceptual plan shows land designated as Flex use, meaning that the use as planned may change to accommodate future conditions, on the following lots (NOTE: lots are also listed under their original intended use): 64* (76,548SF), and 65* (58,260SF).


Lot Area: The area of this Planned Development District is 134 acres which far exceeds the minimum of 3 acres established by the Village of Mount Horeb. Individual lot sizes are illustrated in the conceptual plan for Horeb’s Corners. More specific information will be provided in the Preliminary Plat, Final Plat and the S.I.P. Single-Family and Twin Home lots in Horeb’s Corners will range from 3,733SF to 25,199SF.


Height Regulations:

*Single-family dwellings and Twin-homes homes not to exceed 40 feet maximum height.
*All other buildings not to exceed 60 feet maximum height.


Yard Requirements: Yard areas will be provided as shown on approved S.I.P. plans.


Site Landscaping: Site landscaping will be provided as shown on the approved S.I.P. plans.


Usable Open Space Requirements: Usable open space will be required on each Lot to be determined at the S.I.P. approval.


Parking & Loading: Accessory parking and loading will be provided as shown on the approved S.I.P. plan.


Utility Feasibility Study: A Utility Feasibility Study has been provided as part of the Fiscal Impact Analysis for this development. (COMPLETED BY ENGINEERS)

J. Economic Impacts: The economic impacts of this development have been provided in the Fiscal Impact Analysis (Tab H).
K. Signage: Signage shall comply with Chapter 17 of the Mount Horeb Zoning Code.

Character and Intensity of Land Use: The design for Horeb’s Corners has been created with respect to the topography and other natural features of the site. The design was created in conjunction with the creation of the Land Use Plan for the East Corridor of the Village of Mount Horeb and therefore is compatible with the Village’s plans and goals. No adverse affects on the Village’s schools or other municipal services will result from this development. These issues have been addressed, and it has been determined that the Village has enough additional capacity to accommodate this development. Two additional lift stations will be installed to insure sufficient sanitary sewer service to the site. The traffic and parking facilities have been designed to maximize the overall safety, economy and efficiency and therefore these issues do not pose a problem.


Engineering Design Standards: The location, width of right-of-way and width of paving for the streets in Horeb’s Corners have been included in the design as well as in the included spreadsheet. Outdoor lighting and the location of sewer and water lines are expected to run under roadways as is conventional. The provision of storm water drainage and other similar engineering considerations have been included in the plan as well. A regional stormwater treatment facility is planned for across Highway ID from this development.


Preservation and Maintenance of Open Space: The plans for Horeb’s Corners include approximately 27.22 acres of land to be dedicated for open space use. This number is far above and beyond what would be required by the Village of Mount Horeb for a development of this nature. It is assumed that the Village will own and maintain all open space within this development.


Ownership and Maintenance of Road Right-Of-Ways: The plans for Horeb’c Corners include approximately 24.96 acres of land It is assumed that the Village will own and maintain all roads and Right-Of-Ways. It is also assumed that all alleys will be public streets. However, if alleys remain private, lot lines will be extended to the center of the Right-Of-Way, thus increasing the size of the lots. (see Thoroughfare Diagrams for Alley A and Alley B)


Implementation Schedule: CBD, Inc. hopes to obtain the necessary approvals for Horeb’s Corners by Summer 2002 and would like to begin construction in Fall 2002. It is assumed that build-out will occur within ten (10) to twenty (20) years

* = Lots designated as Flex Use

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