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Horeb's Corners General Development Plan
Tab G - Expected Staging of Development

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November 30, 2001

Member of Plan Commission
Village of Mount Horeb
138 E. Main Street
Mount Horeb, WI 53572

Dear Member of the Plan Commission:

Community By Design, Inc. hopes to receive the necessary plan approvals by the Summer of 2002 so that we may begin construction of the road, utility and other needed infrastructure improvements by the Fall of 2002. We expect that the actual build out of the development could take ten or even twenty years. However, at Mount Horeb’s current absorption rate of 50 homes per year, the Traditional Neighborhood portion of this development could feasibly be complete within 5-10 years of the start of construction.

The actual phasing of this development will be addressed in the Preliminary Plat. The logical staging for the development would dictate three (3) stages: the Corporate Park could be one stage, all other property north of the ridge could be a second stage and a third stage could be all other property south of the ridge according to the direction of sanitary sewer flow.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Peter Frautschi, President
Community By Design, Inc.

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