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3553 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53705

About Us

Current Project - Weston Place CondosGENERAL INFORMATION

Community By Design, Inc. is currently located at 3553 University Avenue in Madison, Wisconsin.

Founded in 1995 by Peter W. Frautschi, Community By Design, Inc. specializes in the implementation of New Urbanism and design, planning, and construction of Traditional Neighborhood Developments (TNDs).

Community By Design, Inc. was established to help promote the concepts of the New Urbanism. Our current focus is predominantly in the Southern Wisconsin area.

Community By Design, Inc., as CBD Real Estate, is a licensed Real estate brokerage in Wisconsin and a member of the National Association of Realtors and South Central Wisconsin MLS Corporation.


Community By Design, Inc.'s primary business activity focuses on providing development and consulting services to those wishing to develop New Urban neighborhoods. Such development and consulting services include visioning workshops (Charrette process) and urban design and planning services for neighborhood development projects. We have experience in urban design and town planning, market and feasibility research, real estate development and brokerage, and property management. We have a thorough understanding of residential, retail, and office markets.


What makes us unique is our comprehensive approach to neighborhood design combined with development expertise in all areas from single family and apartment homes to office, and retail space, and beyond. Collaboration with other firms to expand our expertise to match the requirements of each project is an important part of our process, since in most cases a team can perform at a higher level than any single player.

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The strength of our design is derived from our essential belief/realization that every parcel of land is unique physically and is subject to unique cultural conditions. Accordingly, our design process begins with very detailed analysis of the site and the surrounding community and the strengths and weaknesses and needs of each.

We solicit community input in order to study the site, its surroundings and context, market conditions and prior planning efforts. This enables us to assess a parcels special circumstances and/or needs and make appropriate design decisions to maximize utility, safety, aesthetic appearance and value while simultaneously minimizing environmental impacts and public investment.

The result of this process inevitably produces neighborhoods or infill projects uniquely designed to succeed individually and enhance the community as a whole.

Since 1995, CBD, Inc.’s three largest scale projects have been 625 N. Segoe Road, Midtown Commons and Horeb’s Corners. 625 N. Segoe Road is an Urban Infill project located on the near West side of Madison, Wisconsin. It will replace an obsolete office with a high quality mixed use building development. It is being designed to compliment its neighborhood and perhaps “set the standard” for future evolution of the neighborhood. Midtown Commons is a TND located on Midtown Road, on the Southwest side of Madison, Wisconsin. It is comprised of approximately 80 acres of land and 700 residential units, a variety of mixed use, office, retail and live/work uses, several open spaces, and special civic use sites. Horeb’s Corners, a TND, is located in the Village of Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, approximately 15 miles South-West of Madison. It is comprised of approximately 135 acres designed to maintain 30% gross area as open space and parks (55% with rows), 250 – 300 homes and mixed uses in a town center, while providing sites for new corporate business. Each plan, while decidedly New Urban, is completely unique and appropriate to its location and context.

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